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The roof of Australia has its own cookie company

Snowy Mountain Cookies

made in Jindabyne, Australia 1020 metres above sea level


Snowy Mountains Cookies specialises in the art of making quality, gourmet, wholesome cookies abundantly filled with delicious and chunky ingredients so that every bite is a tasty treat. A government awarded manufacturer, Snowy Mountains Cookies are focused on quality ingredients:

  • Large chunks of couverture chocolate - steering clear of compound chocolate-buttons!
  • Free-range eggs - recipient of the RSPCA Good Egg Award
  • Butter, rather than margarine -'keeping it natural by keeping it simple'
  • Cookies are made without artificial colours, flavours or additives and no preservatives

Snowy Mountains Cookies are available in a variety of packaging styles and forms along with a range of cookie sizes from our 5 gram Petite Bite, 20 gram taste treats to our indulgent 80 gram serve.







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"Regarding the Snowy Mountains Cookies on-site HACCP inspection, the auditor commented "The factory is in excellent order. All production and storage areas have been well designed and an extremely high level of plant hygiene is being maintained. The facility is a credit to the management. In addition the facility is the cleanest bakery I have audited."


Snowy Mountains Cookies has won the confidence of the Federal Government with the award of a Food Processing Regional Australia Program grant.