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Almond, Cranberry & White Chocolate Anzac Apricot Cranberry Almond & Coconut

Almond, Cranberry
& White Chocolate
(firmer in texture)

Slivers of almond combined with cranberries and sweet creamy white chocolate.

ANZAC (firm in texture) 

A golden syrup, coconut & oat classic taste. Thicker than a regular Anzac

Apricot Cranberry
Almond & Coconut
(softer in texture) 

(also available in GLUTEN FREE)

Sweet dried apricots combined with intense tart tangy cranberries, slivers of almond and shredded coconut.

Coco Choc Flavour Choc Orange Crunch Chunky Choc & Oatmeal


A crunchy combination of moist, chewy coconut and rich dark chocolate

Choc Orange Crunch

Rich chocolate cookie with a hint of orange.
Classic combination of flavours.

Chunky Choc & Oatmeal
(Firm and crunchy in texture)

A lovely even taste of milk and dark chocolate complimented by a velvet oatmeal taste.

Coconut Chocolate Rough Date, Dark Chocolate & Coconut Double Choc & Walnut

Coconut Chocolate Rough 
(firm in texture)

Lots of chocolate & lots of coconut. Dark chocolate in colour.

Date, Dark Chocolate
& Coconut
(softer in texture)

A rich combination of date fruit and dark chocolate.

Double Choc & Walnut
(crunchier in texture) 

Dark chocolate in colour, the walnut is a perfect compliment to the milk and dark chocolate flavours.

Gingerbread Men Hazelnut Choc Flavour Ice Cream Cone Cookie 

Gingerbread Men (firm in texture) 

Our Gingerbread Men come in two great flavours – either a classic gingerbread taste or a chocolate flavoured gingerbread. Decorated with bright buttons and big smile.


Hazelnut Choc

Moreish hazelnuts and smooth milk chocolate pieces combine to make a
delicious wholemeal cookie.

Ice Cream Cone Cookie
(crunchier in texture)

Cookie in the shape of an Ice Cream Cone. Original butter cookie decorated with icing and natural hundreds & thousands.

Love Chocolate Muesli Munch Pecan, Sultana & Oat

Love Chocolate
(soft to firm in texture)
(also available in GLUTEN FREE)

With over 43% of white, milk and dark quality couverture chocolate this is simply the most indulgent and addictive chocolate cookie in the market.

Muesli Munch (softer in texture)

A varied combination of seeds, grains, fruits and nuts make this delicious cookie true to its name. Softer in texture with crunchy rice puffs.

Pecan, Sultana & Oat (softer in texture)

Simple, healthy key ingredients with a balanced, naturally sweet, oaty taste.
Spiced Caramel Flavoursm Spotty White Chocolate, Apricot & Coconut

Spiced Caramel

A winter favourite - soft and chewy with warm cinnamon and oat flavours,
paired with smooth white chocolate chunks.

Spotty (crunchier in texture)

Coloured chocolate buttons galore on an original butter cookie.


White Chocolate,
Apricot & Coconut
(softer in texture)

(also available in GLUTEN FREE)

Classic white chocolate taste with sweet dried apricot and shredded coconut makes this one of our favourite cookies.