Feedback – Snowy Mountains Cookies


‘I was treated by one of your cookies on board a QANTAS flight from Melbourne to Darwin 8 years ago and am writing to thank you for your excellent service and products over the past years.

I am also retiring on June 30 and have closed the Cafe associated with my business Zebra Rock Gallery & Cafe, Kununurra, WA. After 50 years in business it is time to take retirement!

I will be on the road’ from 1 July en-route back to Melbourne. If that takes me via Jindabyne (which it may well do) I will be sure to pay you a visit.

Wishing you every success with your business. I continue to recommend your products, but really they sell themselves.’

Bruce Livett (Owner) [and also on behalf of Scott Whelan, past- Manager], Zebra Rock Gallery, Kununurra, WA – May 2018

‘My wife and I flew back from Dubai to London yesterday as part of our return from Kerala, India. We were given some of your Lemon, Lime and Coconut cookies as a nibble with our cup of tea on the flight.  I have to say, having avoided biscuits due to various allergies, I was blown away by them.  Now, having Googled your website, I realise there many more delightful foods we’re missing out on in the UK!  Do you have a distributor in England? I’d love to get hold of some more of your products.

The awareness of food additives is finally sinking in to our thick sculls here in the UK with more people suffering from allergies that they cant identify. It’s time we started reading the ingredients and boycotting the junk market.  Best regards and continued success with your products.

Graham – 2 March 2018

‘Great to find you, an American friend has been raving about how good your products are!’

Cindy – 10 September 2017

‘Was on a Qantas flight from Sydney home to Melbourne and was given one. I’m coeliac and they taste great!’

Jenna – September 2017

‘Love Chocolates are our favourites cookies!! We discovered your factory a couple of years ago when I was travelling to Jindabyne and now even 5000 km away can’t forget the taste. I am ordering this as surprise for my wife’s birthday. ‘

Rez from Perth – 4 August 2017

‘This is the second time I am ordering your delicious cookies. The apricot & cranberry are my husband’s favourites. This time we will try out the white chocolate & apricot and the dark chocolate & date cookies. Thank you’.

Marina – 20 July 2017

‘I have placed online orders with SMC on several occasions and the ordering process has always been spot on, and delivery always quite quick. I have even purchased in store on a few occasions while on holidays in Jindy and customer service is always A1!’

Claire – July 2017

‘Got a cookie from a friend who also loved it. Fell in love with my first bite! ‘

Caleb – 2017

‘I was just wondering if you sell the spiced caramel biscuits in a gift box? My friend had one when she went on a plane and keeps reminiscing about how amazing the cookie was. I would love to purchase a batch for her upcoming birthday’.

Jessica – 28 June 2017.

‘We love snowy mountains cookies and used your cookies for part of our wedding gifts for guests back in 2008 when we married in Thredbo. We now have our son’s baptism in Thredbo in June and again would like to include a taste of the snowy region with your cookies.  Our order is attached, love your product and thank you for your time.’

Erica  – 19 May, 2017.

‘Hi, I cannot forget about the taste of the Snow Mountains Cookies! Are there any stores that carry the cookies? Thanks’.

Chiyo, Australia to Japan Flight – 21 February, 2017.

‘Have tried this amazing 35g chocolate madness, 2 cookies down and 5 more for safe keeping in the carry bag, so very glad to have encountered your product on-board the NSW rail service, rail staff also glowing in respect for your product. My wish is that your company stays true to the quality of today! To many companies grow business on this area of quality to sell it out to inferior ingredients when the accountant turns up! Stay true to what has built your company and I will ensure my continued support! Well done on amazing product!!!!’.

Heidi – 4 October 2016.