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Become a Distributor of our Premium Cookies

Welcome to Snowy Mountains Cookies. We look forward to sharing an enticing and profitable product for your company
and clients.

Snowy Mountains Cookies has previously focused on dealing directly with corporate clients and we feel the time is right to introduce a Distributor model. A unique opportunity is now available to distribute our reputable, recognisable brand/product range and we are currently targeting your region for distribution.

Snowy Mountains Cookies, launched in 2006, is a high end brand supplying premium gourmet produce. Our products are served on multiple airlines including Qantas, China, Emirates, REX and Virgin Airlines through to five star hotels and independent cafes. We take great pride in our attention to customer service and vigilant food safety standards.

‘Snowy Mountains’ branding has consistently delivered positive outcomes which include instant product recognition, acceptance and establishing a point of difference. The key words, ‘Snowy Mountains,’ have furnished our brand with values, personality and attributes that we would not have attained if the cookies were called something along the lines of “Daisy & Nolen’s Cookies”.

Snowy Mountains Cookies isn’t just another city based manufacturing plant – the Snowy Mountains Cookies brand comes with an authentic story about a family business, true to its name, based in the iconic regional town of Jindabyne in Australia’s Snowy Mountains.

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