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Need a new way to fundraise?

Bored of the same chocolate drives?

Why not sell cookies to make your
organisation more money?

Very high profit margins!!


smc no artificial logoMade in Jindabyne, Australia, 1020 metres above sea level
Snowy Mountains Cookies specialise in the art of making quality, gourmet, wholesome cookies abundantly filled with delicious chunky ingredients so that every bite is a tasty treat. A government awarded manufacturer, Snowy Mountains Cookies are focused on using quality ingredients:

  • Large chunks of couverture chocolate - steering clear of compound chocolate buttons!
  • Free range eggs - recipient of the RSPCA Good Egg Award
  • Butter, rather than margarine - 'keeping it natural by keeping it simple'
  • Cookies are made without artificial colours, flavours and additives or preservatives

Please contact us to receive your Fundraising Information Pack & details on pricing.


Range of Fundraising Cookies Available

Single Wrapped 45g Snack Bar

Packaged in display box containing 20 Snack Bars. RRP $2.50 per bar.
Available flavours are Cranberry and Dark Chocolate or Nature's Nuts, Fruits & Seeds.


Single Wrapped 35g Ice Cream Cone Cookie

Packaged in a display box containing 30 cookies. RRP $2.75 per cookie.

snack bar
Qty Profit
15 $339.45
25 $565.75
50 $1,131.50
100 $2,263.00
200 $4,526.00
300 $6,789.00
  ice cream cone
Qty Profit
15 $572.55
25 $954.25
50 $1,908.50
100 $3,817.00
200 $7,634.00
300 $11,451.00

Single Wrapped 80g Cookies

Packaged in display box containing 14 cookies. RRP $3.00 per cookie.
Choice of flavours & Gluten Free also available.


Single Wrapped 50g Gingerbread Man

Packaged in colurful display box of 22. RRP $3.00 per bag.

single wrap cookies 80g
Qty Profit
15 $282.90
25 $471.50
50 $943.00
100 $1,886.00
200 $3,772.00
300 $5,658.00
  GBM50sDB gingerbread carton
Qty Profit
15 $477.90
25 $796.50
50 $1,593.00
100 $3,186.00
200 $6,372.00
300 $9,558.00

Single Wrapped 75g Spotty Cookie

Packaged in a carton containing 30 cookies. RRP $3.00 per cookie.

Spotty sinlge clear wrap
Qty Profit
15 $693.15
25 $1,155.25
50 $2,310.50
100 $4,621.00
200 $9,242.00
300 $13,863.00


How does it work?

  1. Plan the date that you want to hand out your cookie packs to your families/members and also the return date for monies after a suggested 2 week selling period.
  2. Determine the number of boxes that you require – we suggest one box for each family/member.
  3. To order your cookies please phone our office on (02) 6457 1333.
  4. You can download and change the information letters provided so it is easier to let parents/ members know what is going on:
    1. one to be sent home a week before the start asking if they want to participate.
    2. one to go with the boxes advising them where and when to return monies.
    3. one as a follow up reminder to go home just before the return date for monies.
  5. The delivery of your order will be made on your requested date.
  6. It is suggested that where possible, such as at weekly school parades/assemblies, you promote the cookie drive.
  7. It is important that you use our hard copy tally sheets to record who you supplied the boxes to. Record names in advance by class, team or group. You should also use this sheet to record returns of monies. This way you will have a constant, updated record of who has sold their box.
  8. Collect monies over the next two weeks. Have a pre-arranged location and time for the return/ collection of monies.
  9. You should pay the original invoice, and any subsequent invoices, if there are any further purchases within 30 days of the initial invoice date.