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See How The Cookie Crumbles
Summit Sun Local Profile
Denise Dion
20th July 2006

Motherhood is often seen as a turning point in many women’s lives.

Nights spent working at the man from Snowy River in Perisher, coupled with days on the nearby ski slopes just went viable with a young baby Daisy Oayda realised.

It was then that she realised she was going to need work that better suited her new life.

“I wanted to do something that I could be a part of,” Mrs Oayda explained.

Having seen how cookies had sold in the US, she started to wonder whether there was a market for them in the Snowy Mountains.

“I spent eight months researching the subject and in February started looking seriously for premises. I wanted it to be in Jindabyne but didn’t need a shop front.”

During the eight months, Mrs Oayda baked at home and tested various recipes on Friends.

Armed with a survey form, friends would be given cookies to taste and asked about flavour, size and texture.

It was a case of everything falling into place when offices became available on Leesville Estate but then the pressure was on to get the offices turned into commercial kitchen and packing area for the newly formed Snowy Mountains Cookies.

With the hospitality tradeshow coming up in April, Mrs Oayda was keen to get the product in front of potential customers but the move from elderly home oven to brand new commercial oven meant a revision of ingredients and baking times.

She took gift packs and big single cookies to the trade show and discovered that a two pack for the hotel market was another option.

Now local restaurants have cookie jars, takeaways have single wraps, gift shops have taken the gift boxes and hotels and cafes are taking the two packs.

“We couldn’t have asked for a better response,” Mrs Oayda said.

Back in the kitchen, mixing, cutting and baking 1500 cookies in a day is not unusual and each of the large single cookies have to be hand weighed as the minimum weight is carried on the wrapping.

Mrs Oayda hopes that when the winter trade cools off, Snowy Mountains Cookies will enjoy a summer spree on the South Coast and in Canberra.

Although there has been interest from much further afield, she is concerned that there can be problems when companies expand too quickly and over capitalise on the business.

However, in the meantime she’s taking a look at what equipment is available should Snowy Mountains Cookies need to climb to another level.


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