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Snowbound in Highland Heaven of Fine Food
The Canberra Times Food & Wine July 19th 2006
Anna Randall
19th July 2006

As skiers pack their gear and head for the mountains, Anna Randall hits the High Country Food and Wine trail from Cooma to Thredbo in search of food with altitude.

Jindabyne newest food business is Snowy Mountains cookies, Open last month by Daisy and Nolen and Oayda.

Daisy, a professional skier, always loved eating the chunky, calorie-laden cookies popular in US resort towns.

“I had been looking for a big, North-American style cookie here,” she says.

“They’re great to pack as an energy snack if you’re skiing, riding or hiking.”

She used the internet and cooking books to research and develop recipes.

Her cookie range includes double chocolate and walnut; white chocolate and coconut; chunky chocolate and oatmeal; and pecan sultana and oat.

Daisy employs three casuals to help bake and package the product from a commercial kitchen at Leesville Estate in outer Jindabyne. The cookies are sold at 30 outlets and, according to Daisy, there’s plenty of interest from suppliers, some as far away as Queensland.

She plans to focus on the snowy region this year, then look at expanding distribution to Canberra and beyond.

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