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Taking the Biscuit
Summit Sun 14th December 2006
Denise Dion
14th December 2006

COOKIES will be rolling out of Jindabyne’s Snowy Mountains Cookies’ factory at an even faster rate after the company received a grant, which could see productivity increase by more than 1000 per cent.

Snowy Mountains Cookies is not even a year old but already there are big plans for expansion including taking on more staff.

Helping the plans along is a $76,849 grant from the Australian Government’s Food Processing in Regional Australia Programme (FPRAP)

The grant, which is based on dollar for dollar matched funding by the applicant, will allow the Jindabyne-based company to fast track its plans to increase its marketing and production.

Nolan Oayda, who with his wife, Daisy, runs the business, said that the grant allows them to trade in their 20 litre mixer for a 90 litre version, get a bigger oven and an automated cookie cutter.

Mr Oayda said: “This will help us to promote the cookies by participation in targeted food trade fairs and expos and additional marketing.

“The project’s objective is to increase production of the gourmet cookies by over five times while at the same time establishing distribution outlets that will produce sales equivalent to our maximum production output.”

The business currently employs around four casual staff but aims to have 8 to 11 full time staff in two to three years time. (

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