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Art and Cookies Fly High
Snowy Times Autumn 2015
1st March 2015

Local Berridale artist Pauline Syron-Coxon has teamed with Jindabyne’s Snowy Mountains cookies to supply new artwork for their savoury snap box distributed on Qantas airlines. The snap boxes have been supplied to Qantas for a number of years and have had artwork changes during this time, and now they will be sporting a new Aboriginal dot artist design depicting the snowing Mountains.

When Daisy Oayda from Snowy Mountains cookies visited the Berridale art gallery and fell in love with Pauline’s creations, she and her husband Nolen ask Pauline to create a special painting for their home.

After commissioning their paintings and looking around the gallery they realised how this could fit in well with their existing boxes. Considering Qantas also have had four planes previously painted in indigenous art livery since 1994, it certainly was a good meld of creations.

“While all this process was going on I was just thinking, this is too good, I have to ask her if she would be open to use the artwork on the next savoury box,” said Nolen Oayda.

“It was really well received when I presented to Qantas they loved it and sure enough it started on the menu last week (mid March).”

This incredible design will now feature on the top cover of the small savoury box and a separate smaller image from a painting owned by Thredbo residence sits on the front side of the box to create one very special package.

Inside the box guests flying on Qantas will find pepper and poppy seed snaps, a capsicum dip and a selection of nuts and dried fruit.

“I am thrilled and really grateful that Daisy and Nolen gave me this opportunity,” said Syron-Coxon.

“They are such bright and happy designs and the cookies taste great, whoever is on the airlines are really going to enjoy these cookie boxes.”

The main painting tells the story of the Snowy Mountains and the journey of the Bogong moth, who in springtime migrates from the Monaro to the high country. Converging on the highest snow covered mountain peaks on the last snowfall of the season and the changeover of the seasons.

The river flowing through the mountains is of course the snowy river that starts near Charlotte Pass and Mount Kosciuszko and snakes it’s way all down to the coast at Marlo in Victoria.

The front side design is Alpine Wildflowers with Snow Capped Mountains, including the iconic Billy buttons, bright eyes and the snow and the white snow daisy.

One side of the box is an introduction to Pauline and how her art tells the story of the high country with her bold bright colours, unique patterns and threading through spiritual meaning in every painting.

Snowy Mountains cookies have been supplying Qantas for approximately 5 years where travellers have sampled cookies and the savoury boxes direct from the factory in Jindabyne.

Their products are currently domestic economy menu for sweet and savoury snack boxes and they also distribute ice cream cone cookies to Gloria Jean’s, independent cafes and InterContinental motel chains to name a few.

The cookies have also just started going international with deliveries now exported to Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and to Vietnam.

“That is really exciting and something we really wanted to do, it is only just the beginning,” said Nolen on exporting.

They are also producing a new ice cream cookie that is canteen approved, meaning it fits the specifications for an amber rated snack that he’s allowed into school menus. These will be distributed into the market place in coming months. You can visit the cookie factory in Leesville Estate Jindabyne and purchase direct. (See Cookie ad on page 5).

You can view Pauline Syron-Coxon’s paintings in her gallery in Berridale (see ad page 20). Here you will find a selection of her specialised work creating Aboriginal dot artist paintings as well as other artists work. Pauline and her husband Anthony have also branched out into framing and this will all be available from their gallery.

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