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Welcome to the Roof of Australia!
HACCP Australia Issue 25 2018
6th August 2018

Snowy Mountains Cookies, whose range is extended to include Savouries and Snacks, launched in 2006, is proudly located in the beautiful, iconic, alpine town of Jindabyne and is arguably Australia’s highest commercial bakery perched at 1020 metres above sea level.

Snowy Mountains Cookies is a high-end brand, supplying premium gourmet produce. Our products are seen in many premium brand outlets from airlines including Qantas, China, Emirates, Rex and Virgin through to five-star hotels and independent cafes. We take great pride in our attention to customer service and are vigilant and meticulous about our food safety standards.

Over 11 years of operation, the “Snowy Mountains” branding has consistently delivered positive outcomes which include instant product recognition and established points of difference. The key words, “Snowy Mountains”, have furnished our brand with values, personality and attributes that we would not have attained if the cookies were called something along the lines of “Daisy & Nolan’s Cookies”!

Snowy Mountains Cookies isn’t just another city-based manufacturing plant – the Snowy Mountains Cookies brand comes with an authentic story about a family business, true to its name, based in the iconic regional town of Jindabyne in Australia’s Snowy Mountains. Our products reaffirm the brand message, made wholesome and appetising by baking with ‘clean’ ingredients that are:

  • Free of artificial colours
  • Free of artificial additives
  • Free of artificial flavours
  • Free of preservatives
  • Sulphite free dried fruits

Only premium ingredient options are used in our product range, with a focus on “keeping it natural by keeping it simple”. We use:

  • Free range eggs – recipient of the RSPCA Good Egg award
  • Butter, rather than margarine
  • Large chunks of quality couverture chocolate – steering clear of compound chocolate buttons
  • Ingredients most home pantries would stock – we avoid using tricky substitute products that mask nutritional table figures

Daisy Oayda is the creator, heart and soul behind Snowy Mountains cookies and supported by partner Nolan Oayda, the couple have established a fast growing regional business.

Daisy said, “I believe starting and running a business like Snowy Mountains Cookies may be easier in a regional town like Jindabyne thanks to the support and genuine interest shown from local business and community, which is something that probably wouldn’t happen in a big city.”

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