Specials - Factory Imperfects - 2kg

Not perfect but just as delicious!

Too large, too small, out of shape, broken, slightly over or under baked etc etc……. you get the picture.

Quality Control here at Snowy Mountains Cookies is something we take very seriously. When we have cookies that don’t match their Quality Control Profile requirements we sell the stock in our Factory Outlet at a much cheaper price.

What do you get?

A box containing a mixture of sizes and flavours totalling approximately 2kg worth of “Imperfect….but delicious” cookies for $30.00 (excluding postage). Flavour requests will not be available but we will ensure that a variety of flavours and sizes are packed for you to enjoy.

However, if you have any allergies please be sure to let us know and we will ensure that products with ingredients that affect you will not be included. As these cookies are at a seriously discounted price, free shipping is not available with “imperfects” if you buy them on their own.

If you also purchase $50 worth of “perfect” cookies from our online store, we will pay the freight cost completely.

Local pick up is available from Snowy Mountains Cookies at 7a Lee Avenue, Leesville Estate, Jindabyne.

Please note:

These Cookies arrive in a plain box and are packaged in a way that is suitable for personal use, not gifts.

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Code: FACIMP2kg
Price: $30.00 Each

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