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savoury 3pk and cartonSnowy Mountains Cookies also offers a range of tasty Savoury Snaps produced under the Snowy Mountains Savoury banner. The Savoury Snaps are a savoury based biscuit filled with a generous supply of natural ingredients to provide a delicious taste and flavour unlike any other savoury biscuit on the market.

They make a perfect accompaniment for a beverage, dip or antipasto.

The Snaps are available already packaged with a dip, or individually in a pack of 3. Both options are an ideal addition to the lunch box or picnic hamper.

As with all the delicious products produced by Snowy Mountains Cookies, Snowy Mountains Snacks & Snowy Mountains Savoury, our Savoury Snaps are made without preservatives, artificial colours or flavours - sticking to our quest of only using quality ingredients and keeping it natural by keeping it simple.

Flavour Range
The following flavours are available for bulk orders.
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Rosemary & Parmesan Crispy Corn Three Seeds

Rosemary & Parmesan

Key ingredients - Parmesan cheese, rosemary, free range eggs, olive oil.

Crispy Corn

A Snowy Mountains Savoury favourite, these are snappy with a great corn taste. Excellent as a snack on their own or with tasty salsa.

Three seeds

A hearty combination of seeds in a savoury bite, chewy and fulfilling.

Pecan and Pepita

Vintage Cheddar & Thyme

Chilli Cheese  Nigella

Pecan and Pepita

Key ingredients - club & vintage cheddar cheese, pecans & pepitas, free range eggs, olive oil.

Cheddar & Thyme

Key ingredients - cheddar cheese, thyme, free range eggs, olive oil.

Chilli Cheese & Nigella

A punchy combination of chilli and flavoursome nigella seeds.

Crunchy Rice Bites Crunchy Rosemary Rice Bites  

Crunchy Rice Bites

A crisp, light snack - great on its own or with a dip.

Crunchy Rosemary Rice Bites

A combination of the crisp original with a distinct rosemary flavour.